When To Call Pest Control

When do you need to call pest control?

Most of the time, we rely on the obvious signs. We see the pests, so we call pest control. If we see the damage or the signs, we call exterminators. However, there are times when the visible signs are already too late.
What are the indications that you should call pest control before there are signs of damage? After all, if there is damage already, the cost goes up.
One sign is moisture.

Moisture draws in cockroaches and termites the way flame draws in moths. These pests like their homes wet and dark, which makes tropical environments swarming with them. Puddles of water can also draw in mosquitoes.

If you have excess moisture, you want to call in exterminators. You might also look into calling in someone to look at the insulation of your home.

Most pests and bugs do not show up during the day. They prefer to avoid bright lights.

If you start seeing things like roaches and rats out in broad daylight, you have a problem. These creatures behaving in this manner means that the infestation is bad enough that they need to move around in the open, because their usual areas are too crowded.

In other words, seeing a pest (that isn’t a snake) during the day means you need pest control now. Actually, scratch that. If you see a snake, call pest control right now.

Is the weather getting chillier? When temperatures dip, people and animals get cold – including pests.

When animals get cold, they move to warmer places. Human homes tend to be warm, thanks to our tendency to love our creature comforts. The result is that the pests use vents and other openings to get in, and they find a nice spot to get cozy.

Once the cold of winter sets in, consider calling in some bug killers. You might not need them, but it is better to be safe.

Have you stopped seeing pests, despite the fact that you used to spot them every so often?

On one hand, the lack of pests could be a sign that your home is clean. On the other hand, it might be breeding season. When that happens, you’ll have millions of eggs – and that means millions of new pests once they hatch.
Once again, exterminators will know how to get rid of them.

Finally, are you seeing ROUSs?

Rodents – and pests – of unusual size are possible, and they’re not limited to swamps in classic comedies, either. While you might not have an infestation, you do need to get experts. Pests don’t get that big without becoming more of a danger than a nuisance.

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